Such amazing people for helping this turtle out! Save the turtles! ❤️


Such amazing people for helping this turtle out! Save the turtles! ❤️

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  1. I’m always curious what the animal is thinking when people come to help in these types of situations. “Oh shit here are some predators to devour me… woah woah HEY… wow that was lucky those guys really dropped the ball on eating me.”

  2. We helped out a turtle last week. I was on my lunch break from work and picked my wife up to go get a sandwich down the street. As I was parking she spotted a turtle a little ways from us slowly walking across the parking lot. It wasn’t a massive boi like this one, just maybe 8-10 inches in length.

    When I got close he tucked himself away and I picked him up. Figured I’d at least set him a few feet in to the grass so he was off the burning asphalt. When I picked him up I noticed he had moss covering his shell and sure enough, as I stepped up on to the grass there was a creek at the bottom of a small hill, that ran underneath the roadway.

    So I took him down there, set him a few inches from the water so he could go in himself. It was kind of neat, because there was another turtle swimming under the water, just like here, waiting for him. A few yards from where I placed him there were a pair of ducks lounging in the water as well.

    Just a neat little bit of nature in an area that is all suburbs and strip mall restaurants.

  3. I used to do sea turtle conservation and it was common for poachers to sometimes flip the turtles over so they could collect as many turtles as possible. They’d flip every turtle they saw and then collect them all on their way back into a truck. It’s possible this turtle somehow got flipped on its own, but it’s also possible it was flipped by a poacher who never came back for it, either because they just missed it or they got spooked and had to leave the beach before they could collect it.

  4. It always crosses my mind “What if the guy did this to the turtle so he and his friend could film him helping the animal and then trend on Reddit or YT?”

  5. People have wonderful intentions, but here is an important point:

    When you find a stranded sea turtle, it’s best to call the marine life rescue authority in your area (usually such services will respond very rapidly). Sometimes there is more wrong with an animal than you realize, so you should call a professional hotline before taking any action. Obviously this turtle needed to be right side up again, but I wouldn’t be able to tell if it needed additional medical attention after lying out in the sun.

    Marine life response by region in the U.S.:

  6. This guy’s struggling to flip this turtle… looks like he needs some help… If only somebody was there to help… Well, I’ll just keep filming.

  7. The turtle is thankful for the humans moving him to the water but he was trying to get a nice tan. Next time though he needs some sunscreen!

  8. If the turtle had a buddy out in the water waiting for him that whole time, then that gives me hope that the turtle who was saved will remember the humans who saved him.

  9. amazing people.. dude your standards are low. Imagine the monster it’d take to see a gorgeous creature like that with an easy way to help it and then going “nah fuck that flappy fuck”.

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