Red Ice TV Fails AGAIN at Delivering Nazi Propaganda. Oops!


Pretty embarrassing, these guys. Joseph Goebbels would be super disappointed.

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  1. The only thing that makes me "ashamed" to be white are these fashy fucking crybabies. I also went to a very Liberal/Progressive college (I only had one professor mention anything about Marxism and workplace democracy during a single lesson), and even in an ethnic studies class, I was never made to feel bad for having European descent, or the color of my skin. I was made very aware of how much I benefit from oppression, and how the color of my skin isn't one of the things that make my life harder. It's really pathetic that people conflate the responsibility of using our privilege to dismantle oppression with "shame."

  2. As a Norwegian I can confirm that Vaush looks like people I know. Also Norway just voted in local elections yesterday, the Socialistic Left party and the Red Party both grew a bit. The Socialistic Left party is now 6% as a national average of local municipal representation, and the marxist-socialistic Red Party is 3.8%. It doesn't always sound like a lot, but it's a lot of new socialist elected into local governments. And I remind myself that if 10% of the US voted for people that wanted to democratize the work place and have public ownership of natural resources, many who feel unrepresented in their democracy at the moment would probably be very happy.

  3. 25:52 Vaush slips into pure cuck insecurity and exposes who he really is–open my borders and let in the "free movement" because I'm a good guy. Nope, sorry, white European identity and nationalism do not equal Nazism. The concept of the nation is based in European classical liberal philosophy which also derives greatly from European Christian influences, and even moreso, from northern European and British Protestantism. Free speech, freedom of assembly and on down the Bill of Rights. Where'd those ideas come from? Yeah, he'd like to see the banning of the people he labels "Nazis" from YT. Good solid sense there of the European liberal heritage which created the university he studies at and the nation which fosters it–but, but, that's not his heritage! Right? I'd love to see him in a debate with Vincent James and trying to bash him with statistics. Why don't you propose that, Mr. Vaush? Yes, there is a white identity, and it's linked to Europe and linked to Europe's Graeco-Roman-Celtic-German-Scandinavian-Slavic-British (in other words, white) and Christian heritage. So tell me this, was Obama the first black president–as the history books tell us?

  4. Sweden did have slaves. Brought over a bunch of Irish Laddies to serve in the fields and mines of Scandinavia. Though most were sold to Christians, you know, the story of St. Patrick? Red Ice needs to learn history.

  5. vaush, that hungarian major is cracy (which is to be expected), the eu chooses one city every year as "cultur(al) capitol of the eu" every year, and it normally simply the city with the most interresting cultural program , according to eu bureaucrats. its an eu bonding thing. for people who work in arts, mainly. everyone else doesn't really notice… remember the eu is very young…

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