its wednesday my dudes



its wednesday my dudes

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  1. Me, an intellectual: it actually don’t

    You have 150 upvotes
    +1 upvote is 151
    -1 upvote is 149
    Take away all upvotes or Downvotes its back to 150
    -1 making it 149 then upvoting 1 making it 151 making it seem like it adds 2 but when it still only adds one

    Test it yourself

  2. That’s not true. When you downvote, it goes down by 1. When you upvote it goes up by one. Therefore, if you downvote and then upvote, it goes to the number it would’ve been if you just upvoted. Example: if a post has 1 upvote, and you downvote it, it will have 0 upvotes. But if you then upvote it, it will have 2. You took away the downvote, making it 1 upvote, and then you upvote it.